Ciresi cyber charter reform bill passes the House

Rep. Joseph Ciresi, July 8, 2023

HARRISBURG, July 8 – In a bipartisan vote, the PA House yesterday passed state Rep. Joe Ciresi’s legislation (H.B 1422) that would modernize Pennsylvania’s charter school law to specifically address cyber charter schools to ensure transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility.

“The vast majority of the commonwealth’s elected school boards have told legislators PA’s charter school law is in desperate need of reform,” Ciresi said. “Today we passed a comprehensive reform bill that holds cyber charter schools to the same standards we expect of anyone who receives public funds, including transparency, ethical standards and greater oversight of spending. By ending $455 million in overpayments and making sure that taxpayer dollars are being properly spent on their intended purpose – educating students – this reform bill will help all our students and taxpayers.”

In 2015, the General Assembly passed a law to create an education funding formula based on actual student enrollment and cost factors to address an outdated, flawed and inequitable system of funding school districts. However, the bill did not address cyber charter schools, which continue to receive the same funding as brick-and-mortar charter schools despite having materially lower costs, leading Ciresi to sponsor H.B. 1422 to address this issue.

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