Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Keystone Center for Charter Change at PSBA (Pennsylvania School Boards Association) is to build support for the development and enactment of legislation that would provide regulatory and funding changes to Pennsylvania’s 23-year-old Charter School Law. We advocate for fiscal and regulatory reforms that level the playing field and treat all public schools fairly. The focus of the Keystone Center for Charter Change will support Pennsylvania’s public-school districts. Our work will include active advocacy on behalf of charter reform, timely research, increased awareness, along with education and thought leadership on charter accountability.

The center is managed by a dedicated director and guided by the input of an advisory board and participants of the center’s residency program.

Lawrence A. Feinberg, Director 

Larry Feinberg

Lawrence A. Feinberg has served as a school board director since 1999 and board president since 2017. A vocal advocate for public education, he has provided testimony before both the PA House and Senate Education Committees, the Republican and Democratic Policy Committees, the auditor general, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission and the Governor’s Task Force on School Cost Reduction. Feinberg founded the Keystone State Education Coalition in 2006 and has published the PA Education Policy Roundup newsletter reaching more than 4,000 state policymakers daily since 2012. He served on the PSBA Board of Directors and Board of Governors. He is a member of the National School Boards Association’s Federal Relations Network, regularly meeting with members of Congress to discuss federal policy issues and legislation. Most recently, he served as a PSBA Advocacy Ambassador covering 97 school districts in southeastern PA.

Phone: (717) 506 – 2450 ext. 3420