Public school advocates: Help us push charter reform as 90% of school boards adopt resolutions

Locally elected school boards have spoken – the time for charter reform is now! More than 90% of Pennsylvania’s 500 school boards across the state have adopted resolutions calling on the General Assembly to enact meaningful charter school reform. School boards are urging legislators to ensure greater accountability, increased transparency and fairer payments to charter schools for the cost of providing an education. School districts are estimated to spend three billion dollars on mandatory tuition payments to charter schools this school year. Thank you to those school boards that have adopted the resolution. If your school board has not yet adopted a resolution, click here for a copy of the resolution and instructions on how to submit it after adoption.

The fact that 90% of locally elected boards in a state as diverse as Pennsylvania agree that charter reform is needed speaks volumes. The only way meaningful charter reform concerns will be resolved is if the General Assembly takes action.

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