Eugene DePasquale named resident for the Keystone Center for Charter Change

Media contact for the Keystone Center for Charter Change:
Lawrence A. Feinberg, Director
717-506-2450 ext. 3420

Mechanicsburg, PA (November 29, 2021) The Keystone Center for Charter Change (KCCC) at PSBA has announced that the former two-term auditor general of Pennsylvania, Mr. Eugene DePasquale has been named as resident for the KCCC.

As auditor general, DePasquale exposed waste in charter schools and held hearings across the state revealing numerous issues with Pennsylvania’s Charter School Law. One of his reports about the flaws in the Charter School Law, which was featured by John Oliver, political commentator and host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, dubbed Pennsylvania’s Charter School Law “the worst in the nation”.

Prior to his tenure as auditor general, Mr. DePasquale was a three-term member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly representing the 95th state house district (York County), where he was a leader in advocating for public schools. He is currently serving as an adjunct professor and consultant.

“We are pleased to have Mr. DePasquale accept this role,” said Mr. Larry Feinberg, director of the Keystone Center for Charter Change. “Based on his longstanding interest in public education and dedicated efforts to supporting charter school law reform, both as a state legislator in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and subsequently as auditor general, we are anticipating that his thought leadership will offer substantial contributions to the work of the center.”

As resident for the KCCC, DePasquale will support the director in elevating awareness, establishing facts in the public dialogue and building support for charter school reform, working with key stakeholders.

The mission of the Keystone Center for Charter Change at PSBA (Pennsylvania School Boards Association) is to build support for the development of legislation that would provide regulatory and funding changes to Pennsylvania’s 23-year-old Charter School Law by advocating for fiscal and regulatory reforms that level the playing field and treat all public schools fairly.